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Learning Differences

Learning Differences

Orton Gillingham Dyslexia Treatment offers individualized programs to meet the needs of students with learning differences.

Here at Orton Gillingham Dyslexia Treatment, we understand that each student is unique. Some students face challenges in school not because of a disability, but due to a learning difference. These differences mean they simply need a different approach to learning. We tailor our programs to meet these individual needs, helping every student achieve their full potential.

Learning Difference
  • Does the student struggle with reading despite adequate intelligence and educational opportunity?
  • Does written work demonstrate intellectual ability?
  • Does the student have unusual difficulty in spelling?
  • Are there frequent letter reversals or transpositions in reading, writing, or spelling?
  • Is the student experiencing a downward trend in achievement test scores?
  • Does the student experience directional confusion (left, right; before, after; over, under)?
  • Can the student write the alphabet in proper order?
  • Does the student struggle recalling names and words?
  • Does the student have unusual difficulty in handwriting?
  • Does the student struggle following directions?
  • Does the student forget assignments and/or lose documents?
  • Does the student confuse similar speech sounds?
  • Does the student have a short attention span?
  • Is the student overly active at school?
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